Unfair Reasons I Get Mad at My Husband

Yesterday morning I was really mad at my husband. I woke up furious.  He said “good morning” and I shot daggers at him instead of answering. I stomped around in the bathroom as we were getting ready for work, slamming drawers and sighing loud sighs.

“Are you upset?” he asked.

What made you deduce that, genius?

“Yes!” I replied with an eye roll.

“With me?”

He really is clueless sometimes.


“Um…. what did I do?”

Ugh. Do I have to spell everything out for him?

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This Land is Our Land

When I woke up this morning, my heart hurt. It hurt for all the people in our country who feel that their voices aren’t heard, that their opinions don’t matter, that their worth is somehow less because of the color of their skin. It hurt for all the people who were feeling that the best choice for the leader of our country was someone who belittles and bullies.

Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again”, is not one I can support. Of course I want my country to be great. It’s the “again” that I can’t stand behind. America has never been great. America has been great for a small percentage of its inhabitants. America has been great for white men. For the rest of the population: women, minorities, the LGBT community, people with disabilities, America has been a work in progress. I woke up this morning petrified that the years and years of work that has been done to help make America great for the non-white males of our country will not go backwards. That a president who speaks disparagingly about these groups of individuals will not make our country a horrible place to live.

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