The Pedicure from H—

One morning I got a text from my mom.

“Are we still getting pedicures today?

Crap! I had totally forgotten that I said that we could go that afternoon. I had bought my mom a gift card for pedicures last Mother’s Day and the deal was that my daughter and I would go with her for a fun girl’s day out.

My mind raced over all the things on my to-do list for the day; driving kids to swim team, grocery shopping, picking kids up from swim team, making food for a potluck, taking youngest to a friend’s house, packing for a trip…..

Just thinking about the list made my heart beat faster. I decided that I probably could use some stress relief. I have been a bit high strung lately. A nice pedicure in a relaxing massage chair would be nice. I had exactly one hour between all of the day’s errands and activities to fit it in.

“Sure. How about 1:00?” I texted back.

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