Kindergarten Round Up

Our city has a “River City Roundup” in September. It’s a week where there are rodeos, livestock shows, parades, etc. For some reason, the elementary school I went to always celebrated this week with gusto. On Friday, we were encouraged to wear cowboy/ cowgirl gear and had lunches involving “six shooter sandwiches” and “yee-haw yogurt”. It was a hootenanny of time!

Because of that memorable week, I always associated “River City Roundup” with another school event that occurred each year- Kindergarten Round Up. My little brain thought that Kindergarten Round Up involved wearing jeans, plaid shirts and handkerchiefs and twirling lassos to collect all the little incoming Kindergarteners.

Now I know I was slightly off in my interpretation. We can’t use rope lassos on 4 and 5 year olds. Or ride horses in school. We can say “Howdy, pardner” and shout “Yee-Haw!” but we might scare the poor children and it’s not really relevant.

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