House Hunting on Nyquil


We recently bought a house after a month long search during which I thought we would never find “the one”. Luckily, we did, because the search almost killed me. We only looked at about twenty houses, but it felt like 13 million.
Sometime during our house hunt I came down with a nasty cold. One day the kids and I were going to meet my husband at a house over his lunch break. I was tired of my constant coughing and nose blowing so I decided to break down and take some cold medicine before we left. I usually try to avoid taking medicine because it either makes me sleepy or jittery; but drastic times called for drastic measures.
I grabbed a DayQuil and swallowed it. I registered a second too late that the pill I had taken was not an orange DayQuil, but, instead was most assuredly a green NyQuil.
“Oh well”, I thought, “I’m a little sleepy anyway.” I didn’t think I would even notice.
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