Following Rules Isn’t all it’s Cracked Up to Be

There really is such a thing as “honest to a fault,” and my 12 year old is it. Like good old George Washington, the kid cannot tell a lie. I don’t dare ask him how I look in my new swimsuit. He will tell me. And I probably won’t like the answer.

He believes in order and routine and rules. He follows rules to the letter. I never have to worry about him getting into trouble. He doesn’t. This will serve him (and me) well as he grows up. I highly doubt he will touch a drop of alcohol until his 21st birthday. He will be one of the safest drivers on the road once he gets his license. Rules are good; they are usually for our safety. I am glad he follows them.

Having said that, however, there are some times when I wish that, just once, he could maybe bend a rule here or there. In fact, his adherence to every rule can really cramp my style.

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