Best Games to Play with Kids

I often hear parents complaining about having to play with their kids and I just don’t understand. I love playing games with my kids. They just have to be the right games. Sure, I want to poke my eyes out if I have to sit through multiple games of Chutes and Ladders or Candy Land. I would much rather sit in the shade and catch up on the latest news on my phone than try to play tag at the park. Running in sand while wearing flip flops is not my idea of a good time. But I have learned through many years of experience that there are some tried and true games that I will always willingly play.


Massage Parlor

What? You’ve never played Massage Parlor? You are missing out. This game is the best. The main rule of this game is pretty simple: don’t hurt Mommy.

I announce “Hello! I’m here for my massage!” Then I fall face down on the floor or the couch. After three hours of listening to my kids fight over whose Minecraft world is the best, this is a pretty natural position to assume. My kids massage my back and my feet and it is glorious. If they start getting a little wild with the shiatsu, I make it into a contest about who can give the best massage and then their best work comes out. It’s easy to declare a winner: Me!

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