My Kids Won’t Do This in College

Of all the difficult parts of parenthood, the one that is hardest for me is the constant worrying. I can handle untimely stomach flu disasters, unending piles of laundry, homework help, and the constant chaos; but I have a hard time with keeping my anxiety at bay when it comes to my kids.

What do I worry about you ask? What don’t I worry about is the better question. Are they healthy? Are they happy? Are they learning? Are they growing? Do they have friends? Are they being good friends? Are they safe?  Am I doing the right thing when it comes to x,y,z?

I’m sure I’m not alone in my constant state of worry. It is a natural instinct for mothers to care for and want to protect their young, amirite?

With time and experience I have learned that there are some things that I do not need to worry about. It’s like the Luvs commercial says, “Live and learn, then get Luvs” although my quote would be “live and learn, then quit worrying about stupid shit”.

Still, even with this inspirational quote running in my head, sometimes I start worrying about different phases or behaviors that my kids are doing at the moment. I try to catch myself and remember that “this too shall pass.” My life mantra as of late has been “this will not be an issue when he is in college.”

This Will Not Be an Issue When He Is In College. I have to repeat it often.

Here are a few examples:

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