Parenting a Child Who is Nothing Like Me

I was a shy kid. Painfully, awkwardly shy. My preschool teachers thought I couldn’t speak. I could speak, I just didn’t want to, I was afraid to; I was a selective mute until the middle of my preschool year. Throughout school I was a rule follower and what some may disparagingly call a “teacher’s pet” but I would fondly call “a good kid”. I did well in school, got good grades, preferred reading over socializing, and did all that I could to avoid getting in trouble. I was a perfectionist and a high achiever. Typical first born, type A personality. One of my biggest fears was disappointing an authority figure. I was also terrified of drawing attention to myself. So, for most of my childhood, I flew under the proverbial radar, tried my best to follow rules, and kept myself entertained by reading books and writing my own make-believe stories.
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