Living with a Horde of Hoarders

My family is currently in the midst of moving to a different house. We are in the decluttering stage and trying to move crap out of our current house so we can slap a “For Sale” sign in the yard and show it to move. I say “we”, but that is not entirely accurate. It is “I” who am doing the bulk of the work: throwing things away, taking multiple weekly trips to Goodwill, selling random things on buy-sell-trade sites, and packing boxes for the storage unit. It’s all me. And not because my husband won’t help, but more because he won’t do it right (aka: my way).The part of this particular project that is the most challenging is that I live with a bunch of freaking hoarders. I’m serious. I actually read an article entitled “Is Someone You Love a Collector or a Hoarder” that came across my Facebook feed recently to determine if I should be seeking outside help. The jury is still out.

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