Local Woman Arouses Suspicion When Children are Observed Playing Outside


Neighbors in a West Omaha suburb were concerned this weekend when they saw children outside without adult supervision.

“I was visiting a friend and heard a ruckus so I went outside to investigate. There were these kids, just babies, outside all alone,” said a concerned neighbor, Sandy Miller. “I looked around for a parent, but there wasn’t one to be found, so I went up to those kids and asked if they wanted some cookies. I mean, they had been out there for at least an hour and were probably starving. They all just looked at me and then ran in the house. I wasn’t surprised they didn’t have any manners. What kind of monster lets her children be outside alone?”

When questioned, the mother, Jennifer Smith, 39, admitted that she had let her three children, ages 11, 8, and 5 play outside unsupervised.

“I mean, yeah, I let them play outside. It was a beautiful day. I encourage them to play outside as much as possible,” said Smith.

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