Handy Shortcuts for Busy Moms

Life is busy. So we try to create shortcuts whenever we can. Take texting, for instance. One could type “Talk to you later”, or one could type “TTYL”, thereby saving at least 10 seconds. Ten seconds here, ten seconds there; it adds up.The problem is that it’s hard to keep all the letters straight. LOL. TIA. MYOB. BYOB. There are so many acronyms used today it’s mind boggling. Literally mind boggling. LMB. Oh wait, that’s like LMBO. That’s something right? What am I thinking of? ROFLMAO? For the record, I have never once rolled on a floor and laughed my ass off; and I have seen and heard some pretty funny stuff in my life. It should be RTTBBILSHIPAL which stands for “Running to the Bathroom Because I Laughed So Hard I Peed A Little.” Much more useful and accurately descriptive. Frankly, I’m a bit concerned about people who claim to roll around on the floor laughing so hard it impacts their gluteus. Sit up in chairs, people. Let’s be civilized about all this.   Continue reading

Local Woman Arouses Suspicion When Children are Observed Playing Outside


Neighbors in a West Omaha suburb were concerned this weekend when they saw children outside without adult supervision.

“I was visiting a friend and heard a ruckus so I went outside to investigate. There were these kids, just babies, outside all alone,” said a concerned neighbor, Sandy Miller. “I looked around for a parent, but there wasn’t one to be found, so I went up to those kids and asked if they wanted some cookies. I mean, they had been out there for at least an hour and were probably starving. They all just looked at me and then ran in the house. I wasn’t surprised they didn’t have any manners. What kind of monster lets her children be outside alone?”

When questioned, the mother, Jennifer Smith, 39, admitted that she had let her three children, ages 11, 8, and 5 play outside unsupervised.

“I mean, yeah, I let them play outside. It was a beautiful day. I encourage them to play outside as much as possible,” said Smith.

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Women vs. Men Packing for a Trip

Women Packing for a Business Trip:

One Week Before:

Begin making arrangements for kids’ school drop off/ pick up.

Fill prescriptions for the family.

½ Week Before:

Make a list of each kid’s activities for the week

Go grocery shopping to make sure there is enough food for the family for the week.

Finalize school drop off/ pick up.

Make sure all book orders/ permission forms/ school projects/ snacks are ready.

Inform kids’ teachers that you will be gone and warn them that your children may be disheveled and wearing mismatched clothes.

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