Gym Rules

It’s a new year! Did you make a resolution to lose weight? Exercise more? Maybe join a gym? You’re in good company. I don’t have actual statistics, but I would venture to say that about 5.3 million people join the gym I belong to each January. Gym life gets back to normal by the 3rd week in February. I have belonged to a gym for 20 years now and, though you can’t tell by looking at me, especially after this particular holiday season, I regularly go to the gym 3-5 times per week. Anyone who goes to a gym was new at one point and I applaud anyone who has made a commitment to his or her health. Most gyms have rules that deal with hygiene and machine use (wipe down machines, throw away towels, re-rack weights, etc), but there are quite a few unwritten rules that everyone should know. Though I’m no expert, I do feel semi-qualified based on experience to offer the following tips to those who have just joined a gym on some basic etiquette that may not be posted in the gym’s contract.

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