New New Years Resolutions 

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Every year I make lofty New Year’s Resolutions. Typically they involve losing weight, being organized, and/ or winning the lottery, and every year I fail miserably at reaching them. This year I decided to set more attainable goals. I’m excited to finally be able to find success as I meet each and every one of these:
1.​Get Enough Rest

Week-end naps will be mandatory; week-days optional, but encouraged. You know the saying “A happy wife makes a happy life”? Naps make me happy. I am just thinking of my husband’s happiness. I’m a giver that way.

2.​Reduce Unnecessary Activities

Is it really necessary to spend so much time doing laundry? I wash, dry, fold and put away everyone’s laundry, but then they all just yank clothes out of their drawers and make a mess anyway. This year I am going to put everyone’s clean, unfolded laundry in a basket in their rooms and they can pull from there. Or, they can fold it and put it away if they want to. My family walks around looking like disheveled, rumpled messes? Not my problem anymore.

Also? Every year I spend at least ½ a day taking down our holiday decorations only to spend another day or two putting them up again when the holidays roll around the next year. That seems like a silly waste of time. I may as well leave the holiday crap up all year so I can save some precious time each year. Fa La La La La bitchachos!

3.​Engage in Yoga Activities

I don’t actually do yoga. What I’m talking about here is wearing yoga pants. As often as possible.

4.​Reduce Wine Inventory

I’ve actually already started on this one. I know, I know. I’m an overachiever.

5.​Teach My Kids Skills for Independence

Practice makes perfect, right? If I want my kids to learn skills to be more independent, I need to give them opportunities to practice those skills without me. Basically, this means getting out of the house more often. As in; going out with girlfriends. Hopefully for appletinis. Hey, I’m just thinking of my kids.

6.​Get Rid of Negativity

There are people in my life who say some really negative things. Like “avoid sugar”, and “Diet Coke is bad for you”. I don’t need to subject myself to such negative ridiculousness. I will choose to surround myself with people who say nice things. Like “here, have a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup”.

7. ​Declutter

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has a bunch of unnecessary crap clogging up the Feng Shui of our humble abode. I will take time this year to get rid of the things that don’t bring me joy. I will start with my husband’s childhood “mementos” that have been sitting in our basement for the past 15 years. Also, Legos. Legos don’t bring me joy. Legos bring me clogged vacuums.

I think this is a good start to what is going to be the best year yet! I can tell that I’m going to be a new and improved person in 2016. Here’s to hoping that your 2016 is full of resolutions that you can keep as well.


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