Me vs. Big Box Toy Store: Part Deux

In case you missed Part One to the story of how I attempted to call to task a large chain toy store for their  shoddy non existent packaging, click HERE

The next day I attempted on two separate occasions to again call the customer service line, but was put on hold for a total of 60 minutes before I gave up. I went onto Facebook and saw that they have a page, so I posted a comment on that, and they promptly responded:

“Hi Jennifer – thanks for reaching out. Please accept out apology that the item arrived in this way. Please send us a private message with your order number, so that we may forward this to the appropriate department for review.”  It was very nice of them to respond, so I sent a message like they asked.

I didn’t hear anything for a couple days, and frankly, I forgot all about it until someone asked me, so I sent another message asking when I could expect to hear back, but truly, I just wanted the apology that they had already given. 

Tonight my husband got an email from the company saying that they had credited us with $10.00.  A nice gesture, I suppose. The only problem is that we no longer have the credit card that they were refunding the moolah to because we had to cancel said card last night BECAUSE IT WAS STOLEN!!

You guys, I can’t make this up.  Last night my husband was checking our credit card bill as he does frequently and I got the dreaded call from downstairs “Jennifeeeeeeeer???” I knew that tone right away. I was going to be questioned about my purchases. This is always a fun game we play, but even more so around the holidays. And by “fun” I mean I’d rather be kicked in the gut than have to stand behind my husband getting motion sickness as he scrolls through a screen I can’t read anyway (remember I’m blind?) trying to remember every purchase I’ve made in the past month. I can’t remember what we had for dinner most nights, let alone a purchase I made 24 days ago!

So anyway, I walk downstairs and he asks “did you make a $3200 purchase to a SM Technologies?”

Me: NO!

Him: Are you sure? Did you maybe buy something online?

Me: No! I would remember a $3200 purchase!

Him: Well, maybe you thought it was $32?

Me: Jesus! I’m not an idiot. I have no idea what that is. I did not make that purchase.

He quickly gets on the phone with the credit card company. Turns out the purchase was made for a Groupon. That neither of us bought. Then he starts looking at the pending purchases as he’s talking to the person on the phone.

“Oh, and here’s one to” Yells to me “Honey, did you make a purchase on”

No, I did not make a purchase on For the love.

Long story short, our credit card was used to purchase a groupon and a subscription, so we have been issued new cards.

Today I was at the grocery store and, out of habit, swiped my credit card without thinking and was told that it was not a valid card. I told the cashier what had happened. The guy in line behind me said “That happened to me! But they used my card for eHarmony.”

Do you know what this means? There are MULTIPLE losers out there stealing people’s credit cards to pay for dating websites. Thank God I am out of the dating pool!


And that, my friends, is the story of how I took on the big box toy store and ended up with a stolen credit card and an insight into how dating websites are funded. match-logo


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