Thankful for Thanksgiving

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Turkey day is almost here! I love Thanksgiving. It didn’t always used to be that way, however. I remember Thanksgiving being the worst holiday when I was a kid. Christmas was the best for obvious reasons: decorating the tree, twinkling lights, holiday baking, and, of course, beautifully wrapped presents. That I got to open! Halloween had costumes and candy. Easter had egg hunts and chocolate bunnies. Even Valentine’s Day had chocolates and candy hearts.What did Thanksgiving have? Thanksgiving had a bunch of food I didn’t like and doing dishes with the women while the men watched football. Not a barrel of laughs if you asked prepubescent me.

As far as decorating went, all the other holidays were much more exciting and pretty to my young Thanksgiving-hating self. Color combos like red and green, black and orange, and pretty pastels defined other holidays. Thanksgiving was brown.

Poor Thanksgiving had a meal I didn’t like, had no presents or candy, and was the color of poop. It didn’t stand a chance. But now that I’m an adult, I appreciate Thanksgiving so much more. Here are a few ways my Thanksgiving-grinchy heart has changed with age:

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