Thankful for Thanksgiving

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Turkey day is almost here! I love Thanksgiving. It didn’t always used to be that way, however. I remember Thanksgiving being the worst holiday when I was a kid. Christmas was the best for obvious reasons: decorating the tree, twinkling lights, holiday baking, and, of course, beautifully wrapped presents. That I got to open! Halloween had costumes and candy. Easter had egg hunts and chocolate bunnies. Even Valentine’s Day had chocolates and candy hearts.What did Thanksgiving have? Thanksgiving had a bunch of food I didn’t like and doing dishes with the women while the men watched football. Not a barrel of laughs if you asked prepubescent me.

As far as decorating went, all the other holidays were much more exciting and pretty to my young Thanksgiving-hating self. Color combos like red and green, black and orange, and pretty pastels defined other holidays. Thanksgiving was brown.

Poor Thanksgiving had a meal I didn’t like, had no presents or candy, and was the color of poop. It didn’t stand a chance. But now that I’m an adult, I appreciate Thanksgiving so much more. Here are a few ways my Thanksgiving-grinchy heart has changed with age:

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Grown Up Things Kids Are Excited About That Actually Suck

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My daughter is eight going on eighteen. She has the backtalk and eyeroll combination down so well it’s scary. She can exude disgust with the best of them. She’s a prodigy really.

She is so darn anxious to grow up and I am so anxious about the prospect of her growing up. One part of me wants her to stay little forever and the other part of me wants to avoid all the puberty nonsense. My daughter, of course, doesn’t have any of my anxiety about the future.  She is just looking forward to all the red carpet events and galas she will go to when she is a grown up. Clearly, she also doesn’t have an entirely realistic view of what being a grown up entails. Recently, the poor girl has learned a hard lesson that everything that she thinks will be so amazing when she grows up, isn’t necessarily so.

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I Think Bats Can See Better Than I Can

I have been cursed with really bad vision. I needed glasses in 5th grade and every year my vision just gets worse and worse.  Currently, my contact prescription is worse than regular contacts can cover, so I have custom made contacts for one eye, and the highest prescription possible for my other eye. Even with these crazy expensive vision correction devices, my vision is still only 20/30.  It is ridiculously annoying.

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A Tale of Two Kitties

Before Little Man was born I had a miscarriage. It was the most devastating event that we had ever gone through as a family. I wanted to help lift my family’s spirits and decided to allow the kids to get a cat, which they had been begging for incessantly for years. My husband grew up with a cat and was on board. I knew nothing about cats, but figured something warm and fuzzy to love would help all of us heal.
We decided to give the kids their new pet as a Christmas gift. My husband and I went out and bought all the supplies we would need for a new kitten in the house; food dish, litter box, litter, toys, brush, etc., and wrapped them up. When the kids opened it Christmas morning, they were ecstatic.
 We went out the following day to the Humane Society. We wanted a tabby or grey, female kitten. Apparently we weren’t the only family interested in adopting a cat that Christmas. There were no kittens. We finally found a 5 month old rescue cat at a pet store. It was a black male. We named him Chief and took him home.

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Little Man-isms

Little Man is four years old, almost five, and he is most certainly growing up way too fast.  He desperately wants to be “big” and do what his brother and sister do, and gets upset when he can’t.  He also gets embarrassed when his brother or sister laugh at him, or he perceives they are laughing at him.  This is unfortunate, because the dude’s funny.  Even when he’s not trying to be.

Here are a few gems that he has shared with us the past few days:

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