Changing the World one Happy Meal Toy at a Time

Between the endless news stories involving Caitlyn Jenner and the Target toy department controversy, gender and the ideas of gender are currently very hot topics in the media.  I have a hard time dredging up any strong feelings on either side of the very divided issues.  I couldn’t care less whether Caitlyn/ Bruce Jenner associates as a woman or a man.  It makes no difference whatsoever in my daily life.  I also don’t care how Target chooses to label their toy department.  I’m still going to shop there, I’m still going to go into their store for a package of paper towels and somehow leave with $219 less in my bank account and a cart full of cardigan sweaters, over the shoulder handbags, and multiple colors of ballet flats that I didn’t know I needed.

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What Are These Young Whippersnappers Listening to These Days?

Sometimes I feel really old.   When I get up in the morning and 96 of my bones crack and pop is one.  Listening to popular songs on the radio is another.   There are currently many songs on the radio that I really like.  But there are quite a few that I just don’t understand.  And yet I find myself singing along to them EVERY TIME!  Here are my current top 3:

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I Will Never Love Pitbulls

I see articles like the one I saw tonight fairly often, and have for many years, but, for some reason, tonight it hit me especially hard.  Maybe it’s because my daughter, my sweet baby girl, is the same age I was all those years ago.  Maybe it’s because there have been so many negative stories in the news lately and they are starting to get to me.  Maybe I’m just tired and need to get some rest.  Whatever the reason, tonight it hit me pretty hard. Continue reading