Watch me! Watch me! Mom! Watch me!

The kids and I live at the pool in the summertime. Which means I spend my days adjusting goggles, rubbing in sunscreen, throwing diving sticks and listening to “Mom! Watch! Watch me!” on an endless loop. 

I never quite know what it is that I’m watching. My kids swim underwater and spin and flail around, inevitably splashing me directly in my eyeball, usually kicking me in the gut, and then resurface sputtering “did you see that? Did you?”

I think in their minds they imagine themselves doing some sort of graceful underwater dance. 

If I’m being honest I’m never quite sure if they are showing me a cool trick or if they are drowning and need rescuing. I am usually wiping water out of my eye and trying to protect my belly so it is hard to focus on the glorious water acrobatics happening before my eyes. 



What I do know is that, to them, the moves are amazing.  Which means they are amazing to me too, even if I am secretly eyeing the time and counting the minutes until rest break. 


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