It’s always a WalMart

Recently I had to return an electronic device to WalMart.  It is a very long, complicated story, so I’ll try to keep it brief.  We allowed our 11 year old to use his birthday money to buy an iPod touch so he can text people (we are not ready for him to have a phone yet).  After much searching, we found a refurbished iPod on that he wanted to buy.  After we got the iPod delivered and set up, we discovered that we could not get the iMessage to work.  Since this feature is basically what he wanted the iPod for, this was a major problem. Continue reading

Reasons My Kid Cries… Part I

Recently I came across this blog that has a feature “30 Reasons Your Kids Are Crying” and it was hysterical.  Laughing at kids crying feels a little wrong, but when you read the reasons for the crying, it is pretty funny.  Naturally I would not laugh at a poor child crying because he is hurt or scared, but a minor meltdown because mommy said he can’t lick the toilet?  That’s funny stuff.  I think the reason I laughed so hard at these is because this is my life, people!  Little Man has a handful of minor meltdowns every day about really ridiculous shit.   Continue reading