Short workout

This morning I put on a skirt to wear to work. I also put on these thigh sucker-inner short things because a) I can’t stand feeling my thighs rub together when I walk, and b) as a School Psychologist, there is a good chance that I will be down on the floor at some time today and nobody wants to see anymore of me than they need to. I’m supposed to help with trauma, not cause it. 

I got out of the shower and started to get dressed. Some day I will learn to dry myself off completely before trying to stuff my legs into these shorts like two sausages, a task that is difficult enough, but almost impossible when wet. 

This morning the task was proving more difficult than usual. I pulled one leg into the shorts but they got stuck right above my knee. I kept tugging and pulling but there was no budging them. What the?? I know we had those Girl Scout cookies and I ate two of them (boxes, not cookies) but this was ridiculous!

I kept yanking and pulling. Sweat was starting to form on my forehead. My triceps were starting to get a little sore.  Try as I might, those suckers were not getting on my legs. There was not enough Lycra in the world. I decided that it might help to lay on the bed and try to pull them on, maybe let gravity help a little. 

I was rolling around, pulling as hard as I could, trying not to wake up my husband who was still sleeping In the bed I was getting my cardio workout on when my 7 year old walked in the room. 

She watched me for awhile and then asked “Mom? Why are you putting on my shorts?”

Apparently, I had accidentally put her shorts in my drawer and was attempting to put them on.


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