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Having three children means we have a lot of stuff.  Clothes, shoes, books, toys, and, I recently discovered, 498 blankets.  When my youngest (and last) was born, I decided that it was time to start getting rid of some things as we outgrew them.  A couple years ago I had my first (and last) garage sale.  It was a disaster.  I spent countless hours preparing for the sale, about $30.00 to advertise for it, and managed to sell about $30.04 worth of baby clothes.  My friends and family who brought items over to sell sold all theirs within the first few hours, while I sat for two full days and sold $30.04 worth of stuff.  I made 4 cents. I vowed that I would NEVER go through that hassle again, and I have been true to my word.

I have had some luck with selling clothing and baby items to consignment shops, but it is really hit and miss and I usually end up finding more things to take home while I am waiting for them to price my items and end up spending money rather than making any, and not doing anything to help in my mission to declutter.

Recently I’ve turned to the plethora of Buy/Sell/Trade (B/S/T) sites that are all over Facebook to try and sell my shit highly valuable items.  If you are unfamiliar with these sites, they are basically a place to post items for sale and/ or to search for items you need.  Also known as Buy Shitty Things sites.  I have had some success both selling and buying from these sites, but, at times, I am annoyed/ amazed/ amused by the various comments and photos I have seen while using them.

The following are various post categories on Buy/ Sell/ Trade sites that I found in my perusal of such sites this morning, in no particular order.

1.  The “I’m Too Lazy to Get to a Store and Shop” posts:

I saw a post that went something like this:

“My fiancee and I are having photos done in two days with an <insert team name> theme.  ISO (In search of) a men’s and women’s <insert team name> sweatshirt/ hoodie.”  Ummm…. don’t you think that maybe you should have the themed items you want if you want to have a themed photo shoot?  In two days?!?!  Maybe this post stuck out to me because, as a photographer, I know exactly what kind of clients these would be.  I would wait and wait for them to order their photos and then get an urgent email after about 6 months saying they wanted to order some photos and they need them yesterday.  Anyway, that’s a different topic.  I just hope I don’t show up to a shoot in a couple days with a couple wearing matching <insert team name> shirts.

2.  The “I’m Too Lazy to Make my Items Presentable to Sell” post:

I may not have a degree in advertising, but I do know that if you want someone to buy something from you, you should attempt to make it desirable to buy.  If you are selling a recliner, for example, maybe move the underwear on the floor in front of it.   If something looks dirty, clean it up.

This slide, for example?  It would take 5 seconds, a wet paper towel, and a little bleach to make that thing look good as new. As it is, I’m not sure if that is just dirt, or the run off from little Johnny’s diaper as he was going down the slide.  Either way, I wouldn’t buy it.   image1 (4)

3.  The “Please buy my used products” posts:

What the heck?  I see these all the time.  1/2 used bottle of lotion or conditioner.  “Can’t use this lotion anymore, it gave me a terrible rash, yours for only $2.99”.  And, wait, what?  You paid over $100 for JWOWW tanning products?  I seriously doubt your judgement which makes my chances of buying anything from you about 0%.

image3 (1)

4.  The “I Am Too Lazy to Take this Crap to the Dump” Post:

image1 (1)Are you for real with this chair?  Do you really expect someone to give you their hard earned money for a chair that looks like Wolverine’s scratching post?  Throw that thing away!

I have fallen into this category myself when I was trying to get rid of an old (REALLY old) probably peed on (DEFINITELY peed on) twin mattress.  I didn’t know what to do with it and I didn’t think the garbage men would take it, so I threw a photo of it on one of these sites and said it was free to whomever picked it up first.  I had about 879 people interested in that thing.  An old, musty, dirty mattress.  I wanted to ask these people who practically got into a bidding war “Don’t you worry about bed bugs? Do you know how many small children have thrown up on this thing?  Do you know that all 3 of my children were bed wetters?”  But I didn’t.  I was thrilled to be rid of it.   One man’s trash is truly another man’s treasure.

Which brings me to my next category:

5.  The “Please Buy My Weird Shit” post:

image1 (3)“16 pairs of fuzzy socks.  Some look better than others but none of them have holes.”  Wow.  If that doesn’t scream “BUY ME” I don’t know what does.  Why in God’s name would anyone want to buy someone’s used fuzzy socks??  And why are there 15 comments on that post???  And why is that bed not made?

image2Wha????  Who looks at this photo and thinks “Finally!!  That stars bandana beard I’ve always wanted is for sale!!  And only $10.00!!”  MY first thought was “why do I have to turn my head to look at that photo?”



These wedding gown posts crack me up.  “Only worn once!”  I am all for trying to get some money out of your wedding dress if it doesn’t hold any sentimental value to you, but I think that stating that it was “only worn one day” is unnecessary.  Although you may want to disclose the number of glasses of wine that were spilled on the dress in that one day.

6.  The “I’m Asking WAY Too Much Money for This Item” Post:

image2 (1)Used markers (with one missing) for $4.00??  I looked up this particular brand online and the same NEW package is $3.97 at WalMart.   And I’m pretty sure all 20 markers are included.  Soooooooooo yeah……….

It takes all kinds to make the world go ’round.  And there are all kinds.  And guess what?  They have a lot of crap to sell.





One thought on “B/S/T Sites

  1. You forgot the posts where people clearly haven’t heard of Google. “Does anyone know what time (insert store) opens?” Nope. But Google does. You can access it on the same device you are currently using to pose the question. Or the “admin please delete if not allowed post.” Thats the B/S/T site version of “this may be a stupid question, but…”

    I love laughing at your posts 😁

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