Hands Free!!



I am trying very hard to be a better role model for responsible driving practices for my children.  I realized this was necessary when I saw my daughter pretending she was driving a car and texting at the same time.  I realized that she may have seen me look at my phone while driving on occasion.  Usually only at a red light, but, if I’m being 100% honest, sometimes when the car was in motion, too.  I came to the firm conclusion then and there that, not only was this highly dangerous for me, my passengers, and others on the road, but it was also being a really crappy role model for my kiddos and vowed to stop immediately.  I did not ever want to hear my daughter, after I asked her “where did you learn this?”  say “From YOU, okay?  I learned it by watching YOU!”.

Fast forward to tonight.  I was heading to meet a friend for dinner at a restaurant that I had not yet been to and wasn’t exactly sure how to get to.  Before I left for dinner I had to drop Little Man off at his swimming lessons.  I decided to be proactive and look up the address for the restaurant on my phone to get an idea where I was headed.  I found the address and set my phone down so I could fully concentrate on my driving and headed out to swimming lessons.

Apparently, as I set the phone down, I hit the button for the voice directions because I heard “the voice” who I always just call ‘Siri’ say “Turn Right in 200 Feet” from my bag on my passenger floor.  I did turn right because that was the direction I needed to go.  Not because I am a rule follower.  Soon Siri piped up “Turn left onto Hwy 6.”  I did.  I really am a rule follower.  And I don’t like to disappoint people.  But this was where Siri’s directions and my current route diverged.  I went ahead on my course and soon Siri chirped “Turn left in 300 feet”.

I kept going.  300 feet later Siri ordered “Turn left in 200 feet”.

Again, I stayed my course.  I admit that I felt a little guilty.  I was deliberately disobeying her.  Like I said, I am a rule follower.   But I knew I was right and I was on the correct route to swimming lessons.  I could have turned Siri off, but that would have meant taking my eyes off the road and reaching into my bag for my phone, and that sort of recklessness is just what I am trying to avoid.  I let Siri keep talking, knowing full well that I wasn’t going to be following her directions.

“Make a U-turn at 120th St”.

I, of course, did not make said U-turn at 120th St.

“Make an illegal U-turn at the next available intersection”.

By now I can almost hear the panic and frustration in poor Siri’s voice.  I not only was not obeying her commands, but I was clearly going the WRONG WAY!!!!!  But sorry, sister, I will not be persuaded to engage in illegal activities just because someone tells me to, even if that person clearly has more authority than me especially when it comes to directional navigation.

“Fine, do whatever the f— you want.”  I imagine Siri has just given up hope.  I didn’t know if she meant this or it was just a reverse psychology move to get me to comply.  As a mother I will sometimes use this technique with my own kids when they are not listening to me.  Usually when I am exhausted and tired of mothering for the day.  And without the ‘f—‘ of course.  “Fine, just stay up as long as you want.  Do whatever.  I don’t care”, to which my children usually plead “No, mom!  I will go get ready for bed.”  One of these days they’re going to call me on it and say “okay!” and then what the heck do I do?  I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

I finally got Little Man to his swimming lessons and headed off to the restaurant.  I could hear the relief in Siri’s voice when I finally was on the prescribed route.  She got me where I needed to go safe and sound and I had a fabulous dinner with my friend.  Thanks Siri!!

Next time I will wait until I really need her help before I ask for it.


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