Me Time

Last night, as I was tucking her into bed, Sassafrass complained “Mom, whenever I want ‘me time’ in my room, Little Man just barges in and bothers me.”

Wait, hold up. Me Time?? Where in the world did she hear that?? I have never in my life uttered the words “me time”.

I have been known to yell “privacy please!!” when I have locked myself in the bathroom. My children think I must be having some unfortunate stomach issues for the length of time I am in there. Obviously I am playing Trivia Crack.

I have also been known to make such statements as “I am going out tonight with my friends. We are going to drink copious amounts of alcohol, gossip, complain about work and our husbands, worry over our children, and enjoy a meal that we neither have to prepare nor clean up off of the floor.”

But I have never called that time “me time”.

And also? I’m not sure that you should call this particular instance of time spent in your room “me time”.

You’re in Time Out.


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