Fun With an Empty Stroller

Little Man’s daycare and preschool are both 2.5 miles from our home.  On days when the weather is nice and I have time I will walk or jog to pick him up in the stroller.  I have to push an empty stroller there to pick him up and I often pass other walkers or joggers who look in the empty stroller and then give me strange looks.  I have devised a way to turn my excursions into an enjoyable pastime with a game I like to call “The Empty Stroller Prank”.  Here are the various examples of different versions of the game:

1.  An older gentleman walked by me and said “looks like you forgot something. {chuckle, chuckle}”.  I gasped, put my hand over my mouth and screamed “WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!” then turned around and ran the other direction.  I didn’t get a chance to see his expression, but I’m sure it was priceless.

2.  As I passed two women walking I carried an empty leash and pushed the empty stroller, looked around wildly and and yelled “LITTLE MAN!!!!  FIDO!!!!!”  then muttered under my breath “Now where could those two have gotten off to this time? If the police get called on me one more time….”

3. When I passed by a lady on the sidewalk I reached over the stroller and picked up an imaginary hand and said “wave at the nice lady, honey!” and then sweetly smiled at her.

4.  A woman walked toward me and I said “oh, thank goodness!  I didn’t think I could make it much longer.” Then I handed her the stroller and attempted to crawl into it.  It was a tight fit.


Okay, fine.  None of these interactions actually occurred in real life.  However they absolutely did happen inside my head.  But hey!  Some women fantasize about Jake Gyllenhaal, or about a relaxing vacation on a warm beach, or about being able to use the restroom with no small children hanging on their legs.  (I do fantasize about the latter.  Frequently.).  I happen to also fantasize about playing pranks on random innocent strangers with an empty stroller.  What?


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