A Little Annoyed

For an hour each week I sit in a stinky gym in uncomfortable metal bleachers and “watch” my daughter during her gymnastics class. I use the term “watch” loosely. While I do watch her occasionally I also use the time to catch up on some other things, especially if I’m lucky enough to have no other children with me. There is terrible phone reception inside the gym so I can’t use my phone to do any of the things I normally do when I have an hour to sit with no children around me. No Facebook, no texting, no Instagram. So, if I remember, I bring my Kindle or a book and catch up on my reading.

I am currently in the middle of a very good book so I was looking forward to my hour of quiet. But I did not get it. Instead I got one of the most annoying hours of my entire life.

It started out okay. I sat about halfway up the bleachers in my normal spot, opened up my Kindle and started to read. About three sentences into my reading however, my peace and quiet quickly diminished.

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