I can’t make this stuff up

Because I somehow manage to get myself into many ridiculous predicaments, I am currently training for a sprint triathlon, which will be here in just 5 short weeks.  I am following a 7 week training program and am trying really hard to stay on schedule.  Between having three children, a job, another job, 8 million kid activities, etc., it is very, very difficult to stay on schedule.

That is not the only difficult part of the training, however.  The actual swimming, biking, and running training is not a walk in the park either.  Last week I had to ride my bike for an hour and then run 800 meters.  At first I thought this would be a piece of cake.  I can ride my bike an hour with little problems, and I was thinking to myself “1/2 mile?  Psshhh…  easy peasy”.  I underestimated how difficult running after riding my bike would be.  My legs felt like jello and I felt like I was moving in slow motion and my feet were stuck in blocks of concrete.  The experience shook my confidence and made me question my ability to actually do the triathlon.  

My husband was very reassuring and reminded me of how difficult swimming 1/2 mile was for me at the beginning of my training and how much easier it has become with some practice.  “You can do anything you set your mind to”.

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Three year olds: Erratic mood swings and random professions of love

Anyone who has heard of children has heard of the “terrible twos”. Anyone who has actually raised children is all too familiar with the even more disturbing life phase I refer to as the “tyrannical threes”. Threes are way worse than twos. I have raised three through this trying time, and my youngest is currently smack in the middle of his year of tyranny. While three year olds can be incredibly charming, fun, and delightful, they can also be quite unreasonable, demanding, and ridiculous. Often within the same half of a minute.

I have come to the startling conclusion that three year olds have a lot of similarities to another group of interesting individuals that we all know and love. Well, that we all know. For some strange reason I have had a lot of experience observing this particular group in action many, many times. I’m not sure what this says about my social group. Or about me. I’m referring to drunk girls.

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