Photography Clients: The Good, the Bad, and the Photoshopped


I haven’t blogged in awhile because I’ve been extra busy with my photography business this fall.  I can’t complain, though.  The money I make from my photography business each year is the money we use to take our summer family vacation.  Last year we were blessed to be able to go to Disney World.  This year?  Well, this summer the money will probably already be spent.  In fact, most of it already is.  Part of it went towards fixing my husband’s front tooth that got knocked out by Little Man’s big noggin, and the other part was used to pay for a $2200 car repair bill after a recent incident I had involving ice and horribly maintained concrete curb.  “Sorry kids, no Disney this year, but we can have fun driving around in the car with its brand new tires while looking at Dad’s radiant smile”.

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