One of those days

Today at work was a rough day.  One of those days when I couldn’t possibly be in every place I needed to be.  When I was constantly behind the 8 ball and felt like every effort I made to be helpful ended badly.  When everything I said came out the wrong way.  Just one of those days.

I was looking forward to picking up Little Man from daycare.  He is my little love and can always put a smile on my face with his two year old silliness.  Tonight when I picked him up (late) I was handed a plastic bag full of wet and poopy pants.  Apparently potty training is not 100% finished yet.  I put his shoes on, without socks, because his socks were also peed on and in the plastic bag.  He got mad because he thought his shoes were on the wrong feet.  I tried to explain to him that they were on the correct feet, but felt weird because of no socks.  Have you ever tried to rationalize anything with a 2 year old?  Yeah, doesn’t work for me either.

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