It’s a bird…… It’s a plane……. oh, it’s just Mom.

I remember being in elementary school and being given a writing activity with the prompt of “If I could have any superhero ability I would choose____________”.  The boys in my class would write they would want x-ray vision and then whisper to each other “so I can see through girls’ shirts”, and then the girls would all roll their eyes and whisper to each other that “the boys are SO immature”.  Actually, we still have conversations like this, but now they occur in bars instead of 5th grade classrooms.

I always wrote that the super hero power I would want was to be able to fly.  I often had dreams that I could fly and I thought that it would be amazing to be high above the trees looking down on everybody else on the ground.  Even now I sometimes daydream that I can fly when I am driving 50 minutes one way to work each day.  Flying would be way faster.

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A Day in the Life

When I was pregnant with my third child people told me that having three kids was no harder than having two kids.  Those people were big, fat, horrible liars.  Having three kids is so much harder than having two.  Here are a few of the many reasons why:  There are only two parents, which means we are obviously outnumbered.  I only have two hands, which makes it difficult to hold every child’s hand in a parking lot.  Someone is always left out, which makes for various combinations of sibling rivalries and squabbles. And it is hard to go to amusement parks when only two people can sit on a ride.

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