Yo Momma is TIRED……so GO TO SLEEP!!


Last night we celebrated Mr. Wizard’s 9th birthday with his first ever sleep over.  He informed me that the term “‘slumber party’ is way too girly, and ‘sleep over’ isn’t much better”.  I tried to come up with an acceptable alternative.  Pajama party?  No.  Pillow party?  No.  I came up with nothing, so “sleep over” it was.

He had invited four boys, but only three could come and the plan was to have pizza for dinner, play a little on the Wii, watch a movie, sleep and then send them on their merry ways at promptly 9:00 am the next day. 

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say-that-out-loudThe other day I was in my bedroom changing my clothes when my 5 year old walked in.  I was standing there in my underwear and her little face lit up and she started jumping up and down excitedly and clapping “MOM!!!  Are you going to have another baby?!?!?”  She was so excited, I almost hated to burst her bubble.  Almost.  But then I quickly responded “No!”  I knew better than to ask why she was asking.  But she proceeded to tell me anyway.  “I just saw your stomach sticking out and I thought there was a baby in there”.  Nope, not a baby, just my lunch and some extra lbs I’ve been trying to lose since you came out of my uterus 5 years ago.  Continue reading