Late Night Lint Party

Last night was another example of how our house turns into a cross between a circus, Grand Central Station, and a horrible nightmare in the middle of the night.   Here is a recap of the night’s festivities…

11:30- laid in my bed and closed my eyes

11:31- Sassafrass came in to tell me that her bed was wet, she had no idea why, and the only logical explanation she could think of was that her big brother must have come in and poured a glass of water on her.   Hmmm.. somehow I find that highly unlikely.  Unless the water he found resembled urine in its odor and color for some reason.

11:32- Got Sassafrass’s bedding in the washing machine, got her dressed and back in bed, went back to bed myself, laid down and closed my eyes.

11:42- heard the damn cat scratching to get in our room, no doubt so he could gallop around our room like a freaking stallion and wake up the entire neighborhood.  I let him in anyway, because there was the off chance that he wouldn’t do something annoying, went back to bed, laid down and closed my eyes.

11:43- thought a jet plane was trying to take off in our hallway.  It was just the washing machine doing its thang.  My bed started to shake a little.  I held on for dear life.

11:45- drifted off for a little bit and dreamt I was packing for a vacation to Darfur. What the heck?  Apparently my subconscience thinks that even a trip to Darfur would be a vacation compared to this crazy house.

Sometime after Midnight: Buzzer went off for the washing machine so I got up and put the laundry in the dryer.

12:32- the dryer smelled like it was burning right after I turned it on so I looked behind it and saw that the exhaust tube thingee had come unattached from the wall and lint and junk was flying all over.  I made the mistake of breathing (I should just know it’s better to hold my breath in most cases in this house) and the dirt and lint flew up my nose and got in my mouth.  Pleasant.

12:33- got my husband to come help me because I didn’t want to be the only one awake and having this much fun.

12:34- got out the little handi-vac to vaccuum up all the crap that had flown out of the back of the dryer.  The vaccuum apparently is broken and so the stuff I was vaccumming up was flying back and hitting me in the leg.  For a moment I thought I had been shot or that I was getting the shrapnel from a dryer explosion, but no, it was just dirt, kitty litter, and legos.

12:40:  Finally gave up on trying to figure out what was wrong with the stupid handi-vac.  It’s not very handy if it operates as a machine gun instead of a vaccuum.  Went downstairs to get the regular vaccuum and cleaned up all the debris.

12:45:  Our lint party apparently woke up Little Man who started screaming so I went to take care of him and get him settled down.

12:56:  In bed at last, laid down, went to sleep.

I enjoyed a nice 1 hour nap until the next round of chaos began.


One thought on “Late Night Lint Party

  1. Wow! Kudos to you. I would have gotten as far as throwing the sheets in the washer (only if there were no clothes sitting in the washer from earlier in the day!). The rest of the stuff would wait until morning, and I only have one kid!

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