A New Version of Decking the Halls

In the wee hours of the morning my bedroom turned into Grand Central Station.  I believe one of my children wet the bed.  Or maybe it was two, I lost track in the chaos.  All I know is that one wet bed equals at least two loads of laundry.

Mr. Wizard burst into the room at one point, turned on the overhead light, and proclaimed “it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack!”   I asked what he was looking for.  Continue reading

For English, Press TWO

I just hung up the phone on the most annoying, frustrating phone call I’ve ever had.  Literally hung up on the lady.  Literally the most frustrating conversation I’ve EVER had.  And I converse with an almost 2 year old on a daily basis: Those conversations usually sound like this:

Him: What dat?

Me: That’s an airplane.

Him: Why?

Me: Ummm…

Him: Where it go?

Me: It went behind the clouds.

Him: Where it go?

Another airplane goes by.

Him: What dat?

And on and on….

The phone call went like this:

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With three children under the age of nine in my house, my days are filled with conversations that revolve around poop, Legos, brown bears and red birds and the things that they see, Elmo, and baths.  The words I use most often are “No”, “get down”, “pick that up please”, “talk nice”, and “because I said so”.

I’ve determined that my vocabulary could use a boost and I’ve decided to try and incorporate some new words into it.  Here is a list of my top picks:

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