Earlier this week I had a nasty bug that caused some pretty disgusting symptoms.  One was a massive headache that lasted a few days.  The other, and I can’t believe I’m typing this but here goes:   The other was some gut-wrenchingly painful stomach cramps and explosive gas and diarrhea.

Picture this:  I am sitting in a meeting with some parents, teachers, administrators, and a student.  My stomach starts rumbling and growling so loudly that the other people in the room must be wondering if there is an impending thunderstorm or why there is a train running through the halls.  I start shaking and sweating profusely as I attempt to hold in what I know cannot be held in many more minutes longer.  And THEN, the room starts getting darker and darker, a sure sign that I am about to pass out.

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When it Rains it Pours

When it rains it pours.  And then it floods your basement and ruins your valuables.  And then your insurance company refuses to pay any money because you missed your last payment by 2.3 hours.  And then your floorboards mold and rot and your house collapses.  And then…..
Luckily, none of those events have actually occurred in our house.  Yet.  But I am feeling a little (okay A LOT) like a Debbie Downer lately.  Or Charlie Brown.  Or Eeyore.  Or any character out there who is gloomy and sullen and says things like “why even bother”.

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