Not THOSE kinds of nuts!

This evening I was cleaning up in the kitchen when I heard Mr. Wizard, my 8 year old start screaming “MOM!  Little Man has my nut cup!  In his MOUTH!”  From the panic in his voice I knew right away that this was somehow a bad turn of events that deserved my immediate attention.  So, after I finished loading the dishwasher, drying my hands, and playing the word “evoke” in Words with Friends, I made my way into the living room.  All the while I’m wondering why my son has a cup with nuts in them, what kind of nuts they are, where he got it, etc.  The only time we have peanuts in our house is if they are inside some colorful candy coating with the letter “m” printed on them.

When I walked into the living room I saw my two oldest laughing hysterically while Little Man was standing on the couch with what I thought was some sort of face mask/ breathing apparatus type thing covering his mouth and nose.  It didn’t occur to me that no one in our house scuba dives or requires oxygen for any reason, so this is not something that would typically be lying around.

Then I realized that he had Mr. Wizard’s sports cup from baseball, which I now realize he calls his “nut cup”, hanging from his mouth.  And then I squealed in horror and disgust which made the olders laugh harder and made Little Man even less likely to give up the nut cup.

After I finally wrenched it free from his face, Mr. Wizard declared that he was “NOT wearing that again”.  To which I replied, “Dude, having Little Man’s drool on your cup is the least problematic part of this situation.  Think about what has been in Little Man’s mouth”.  To which he laughed even harder.  To which I sighed, rolled my eyes, and went back to cleaning up the kitchen.

Until the next mini disaster occurs.


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