I know, right?


Things that annoy me:

1. When people say “I know, right?”  What does that even mean? I suppose that it is an attempt to show agreement with a statement that has been made.  Is the ‘right?’ supposed to negate the fact that you just said “I know”, which makes you seem like either a know-it-all, or a four year old child?   Are you asking me if it is correct that you know? “It is a nice day outside.” “I know, right?” Umm…yes….. I think you know it is nice out…

Maybe my irritation with this phrase has to do with the fact that it also annoys the shit out of me when people end sentences with a question.  “So, I was going to work today?  And this car pulled out in front of me? And I almost hit it?”  Okay.  Are you asking me or telling me???

If you want to agree with what I’m saying and you really feel the need to say “right”, maybe just say “Right.”  Not a question, but a statement.  Then I will understand the meaning of what you are saying and you won’t sound like a Paris Hilton wanna-be.  Because, in my humble opinion, no matter how intelligent you are, saying “I know, right?” makes you sound less intelligent than I’m sure you are.  Unless you’re really not very intelligent, and Lord knows there are all kinds of people that make this crazy world go round.  Right??

2.  When cupboards and drawers are left open.  I can’t even tell you how often this happens in our house.  I feel like I live in the house with that kid who sees dead people.  Can’t think of the name of it right now.  Every time I turn around another cabinet door is wide open.  I think either we have ghosts in our house too, or my family is secretly plotting to kill me by making me smack my head against the damn cupboard doors on a regular basis.

3.  When couple share a Facebook page.  BillandSue Jones.  What the heck kind of name is BillandSue?  Get your own damn pages Bill and Sue!  They’re free!!

4.  When people make lists of things that annoy them.


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