You Don’t Wanna See Mine

I came across this blog somehow on Pinterest.  This blogger posts many photos of her beautiful house and all her beautifully organized rooms.  She writes that all bloggers should post photos of their homes so others can see them.  Ummmmm…….that would be a big, fat, you don’t want to see mine. Unless you want to see sticky floors,Image and piles of laundry, toys, and other kid paraphenelia…. as is pictured in this photo of my childrens’ “craft table”.  Unless the craft is “practicing to be on an episode of Hoarders”, I don’t think much crafting is going to be happening here.

Pretty much, if you want to get a good idea of what our house with three small children is like….. head to your local Walmart on the day after Thanksgiving and take in the general chaos and disarray and that will give you a small idea.

Now I know what you’re thinking… “if you would get off the computer, quit looking at Pinterest, and pick up around your house, it wouldn’t be so messy”.  Well, first, let me refrain myself from bitch slapping you, wagging my finger, and saying “oh no you di-int”, and then let me quote from some e-card or something I saw on Pinterest.  “Cleaning your house with children in it is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos”.

So true…. which is why my philosophy is to not even try.  And to eat Oreos.


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