Finally got rid of the riff-raff!

Today the kids went back to school!  They have been counting down the days for the past few weeks with dread, and I have been secretly counting down the days with utter joy and excitement.  Well, maybe not so secretely since I shouted out at least four times a day all summer “I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU YAHOOS TO BE BACK IN SCHOOL SO YOUR TEACHERS CAN DEAL WITH THIS SHIT!”

Don’t get me wrong…. I love my children dearly. I love them most when they are being sweet and quiet.  So, basically, from the hours of 8:00 pm until 7:00 am they are my favorite people in the world!

Now that they are somebody else’s problem for 8 hours a day, I have lots of time to get all those things done that I’ve been meaning to do all summer.  FINALLY… I will have time to take naps, watch something on T.V. besides Good Luck Charlie and Phineas and Ferb, and be able to eat lunch without constantly picking crap up off the floor.

Ahh…. the good life!


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